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SuzyM Oct 23 '17
I am an avid KHR fan and have seen almost everything he has been in. I am curious as to what movies others have seen. I have seen:

Young Ivanhoe

Rowing Through


When Innocence Is Lost

Night of the Demons III

Going to Kansas City

The Defenders: Taking The First

Forget Me Never

The Crossing

Gossip 2000/2001

Chasing Cain


The Many Trials of One Jane Doe

A Killing Spring

K-19: The Widow Maker

Ice Bound

Touch of Pink

Niagara Motel

Waking up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story

A Stone's Throw

Emotional Arithmetic

A Broken Life - only in the very beginning and again at the end

Girls Best Friend

Never Forget

Gossip 2008 a.k.a. The One That Got Away


The Last New Year

The Death of Alice Blue

Hidden Crimes

The Deadliest Sea

Santa Baby 2

The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard

Textuality a.k.a. Sexting

Underworld Awakening

Sex After Kids

Three Days in Havana - only a few minutes on screen

Hunting Season

The Returned

Saul: Journey to Damascus

The Epitaph

Another You - only a few minutes on the screen

So I've watched 41 :-) how many have you watched? 

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