Gifts received by MaryD

LadyWahya VIP
LadyWahya Jul 15 '17
Thank you MaryD for keeping Kris' fans informed and entertained with the website! Hugs!
4Chedds VIP
4Chedds Jul 14 '17
OH what happy days. You have hit the big 5 congrats to this awesome Kris Holden-Ried fan site. And Mary for always doing a awesome job. Thanks Kris for being so invested with your fanbase. You a really a kind caring true gentle man
SuzyM Admin
SuzyM Jul 13 '17
Ange_W VIP
Ange_W Jul 13 '17
4Chedds VIP
4Chedds Apr 8 '17
Nice Thanks Mary :) is the a way to add your own gift. Or do these gifts get updated.
LadyWahya VIP
LadyWahya Mar 27 '17
Thanks, Mary!
JoC2712 VIP
JoC2712 Mar 10 '17
So cute, thank you
SuzyM Admin
SuzyM Mar 9 '17
TBex Mar 8 '17
Awww! Thanks! I needed something cuddly.
snowgrrrl VIP
snowgrrrl Mar 8 '17
Thanks for all you do Mary! So cute!!