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Merma72 Moderator
Merma72 Feb 13 '16
I like him because he is truly passionate about with his work and also truly nice in person to his fans
First saw him in Going to Kansas City Finland/Canada co-production movie which was big deal here in Finland
Took notice of that talented young actor in 1998
Since then he just been improving as actor and now being director making his debut The Epitaph short film
Still hope i one day see him on stage play in Canada as i just know he will be great !!

MaryD Admin
MaryD Feb 13 '16

The first role I saw Kris in was Night of the Demons III, I was working at a video store in Grove City, Ohio called Rent-a-Flick - one of the benefits of working there was we were required to watch at least three films per week and they were FREE.   At that time it was around Halloween so it was one of the three horror flicks I picked up.

I really don't have one favorite actor, I have more than a few.  I like each actor/actress for different reasons. 

Merma72 Moderator
Merma72 Feb 13 '16
I like other actors/ actresses as well surely all have different great qualities Been watching lot's shows & films Specially i love indie films Canadian films have always been ones i like a lot use to go see those to Espoo Cine Film Festival when they still showed those more 
Aledia VIP
Aledia Jun 17 '16
First role i saw was in Santa Baby. Had no idea who he was at all,  didn't care either.  Just a snooty Brit, i thought.  Then came Dyson and twitter.  That role caught my eye.  Lol. 
But neither of these are my favorite.  My favorite role so far was in a little short film on YouTube.  A bar owner who was dating a single mom. Such a bitter sweet story.  

Lita VIP
Lita Jun 17 '16
I first saw him in K-19 The Widow Maker I didn't know who he was. Then came Lost Girl. I was impressed but considered him just another actor I liked. When we met in TO though, he was so warm and friendly to me that I became a fan for life.
SuzyM Admin
SuzyM Jun 17 '16
I started watching Lost Girl because someone told me to watch it because the lead male actor had a strong resemblance to my husband.  I tuned in and son of a gun he did look like my Mike, just a blonde version. I started to follow him on FB and twitter and found that I really liked his personality and warmth. Donated to Sex After Kids and attended the cast & crew screening with Mike and met him in person and I was hooked! KHR is a warm, wonderful, amazing person. Because of him I now have friends all over the USA and around the world, to say that he has had a positive effect on my life is an understatement :) I have watched all of his work that I have been able to get my hands on; my favorites are Big Girl, My Uncle Navy, A Stone's Throw, The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard and Sex After Kids.