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SuzyM Sep 23 '16
HISTORY® announced today that Ontario native Kris Holden-Ried has been cast as Eyvind (AY-vind) in season 5 of the award-winning series Vikings. Season 5 is currently in production in Ireland and Canada and will air in Canada on HISTORY in 2017.

Full story here

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SuzyM Sep 25 '16

Tweet from KHR "@KrisHolden_Ried


this is why I'm in Ireland :)

Grateful and honoured to be part of this production.

Thanks @HistoryVikings !!!


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SuzyM Sep 27 '16
Here is another great article on Kris's joining the Vikings

Inquisitor article

This is written by Rachel Tsoumbakos who you might want to follow on Twitter & Facebook 

Rachel's Bio page

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SuzyM Jul 24 '17
They have finally announced the Start date for Vikings S5

Global News article

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SuzyM Nov 29 '17

Tweet from KHR

"It begins tonight!

Hope you enjoy to ride :)

@HistoryVikings #vikings

Ps: I don’t show up for a few episodes

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SuzyM Dec 14 '17
Next week Season 5 episode 5 KHR is going to appear! Yipe!! Here is a photo of his character in the preview. I think he looks awesome 

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SuzyM Dec 17 '17

Promo for episode 5 of Vikings