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SuzyM Admin
SuzyM Mar 22 '16
I was so sad to see Lost Girl end, I will miss the cast so much.  I was not impressed with the story line or the way the show ended. I felt it was full of plot fails and very unfulfilling :( 
Merma72 Moderator
Merma72 Apr 8 '16
I feel ending was like new beginning Not dissapointed
Aledia VIP
Aledia Jun 17 '16
If they hurry,  they can easily reprise the series with Tamsin's baby girl being taught all she needs to know. Then on to business as usual 
Lita VIP
Lita Jun 17 '16
I will miss the cast. But was not happy with the way the show ended. I felt they could have done so much more with the characters. The actors were great The writing not so much.
SuzyM Admin
SuzyM Jun 18 '16
I agree Lita. They had a great opportunity and blew it with weak and stupid story line. I think it was an insult to the talented actors that they had to perform that tripe :(