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SuzyM Admin
SuzyM Feb 20 '16
Faebles 3 in London was a blast. Please if you went post some pictures and tell us how you liked it :) 
Merma72 Moderator
Merma72 Feb 20 '16
I absolutely loved it !!! 
ejlawrence VIP
ejlawrence Mar 4 '16

Had an amazing time :)

Does anyone know if Kris is going to Faebles 4 in Sept?

SuzyM Admin
SuzyM Mar 6 '16
I don't believe he is
ejlawrence VIP
ejlawrence Mar 15 '16
Oh No :( That's likely to be the last one and so my last chance to meet him as I didn't do the Meet & Greet last time!!!!
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SuzyM Admin
SuzyM Mar 18 '16
He still might do other Comic Cons in Europe :) 
ejlawrence VIP
ejlawrence Mar 24 '16
I hope so. Can't really afford to go to Canada or the US.
Merma72 Moderator
Merma72 Mar 31 '16
Quote from SuzyM He still might do other Comic Cons in Europe :) 
Feel Kris may come to Europe cons still later I can not go to over pond just for con either